Safe Filter Change for Warthog
Demo: Using two Warthog HEPA vacuums to perform a safe filter change. Performed correctly, this process allows a worker to replace the filter bag on a Clayton Warthog Vacuum without risk of exposure.
Hornet HEPA Vac
Demo: Walks through setting up and using the hornet for vacuum sanding.
Sander Drop-in Motor Installation
Instructional: How to easily replace the drop-in motor on a Clayton Random Orbital Sander.
Belt Sander
Demo of the Clayton belt sander shroud with a Dotco belt sander on carbon fiber.
Clear Revolution Shroud 2"
Demo of the Clayton 2" Clear Revolution shroud on a Dotco 12K RPM grinder
2" Clear Revolution Shroud
Demo: Clayton 2 inch Clear Revolution Shroud being used on a 12,000 RPM pneumatic grinder. In this video, we show the difference in the amount of dust created by the grinder when used with and without the shroud. The substrate in this video is a panel of black carbon fiber taken from a Predator UAV repair.
3" Clear Revolution Shroud
Demo: The Clayton 3" Clear Revolution Shroud for right angle grinders. In this demonstration, we operate a grinder on a piece of carbon fiber from a V-22 Osprey. The shroud is connected to a Clayton Warthog HEPA vacuum. This shroud is also available for 1" and 2" discs.
Drill Shroud
Demo:In this demonstration, we operate a pneumatic drill on aluminum and carbon fiber aircraft panels, with and without the Clayton Drill Shroud. We also demonstrate the capture efficiency using the Drill Shroud in conjunction with a microstop countersink tool.
Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...
Rhino Mobile Work center
Demo: Walks through the features of the Rhino
Demo of the Clear Revolution 1" right angle sander on carbon fiber.
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